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Category: Men Seeking Women
Age: 18

I'm eighteen years old and over weight. I've been lonely for a while now so I thought I would post here... Here is a little about myself

Jobless(For college)
I own a 1999 blazer and have been driving only a few months, the blazer is mine
I am 6 feet tall
I like heavy metal music (Iced earth is an example)
I ONLY like paintball (Sports-wise)
I dislike all other sports
I am living with parents(Ofcourse if I quit job for college)
I can be very unorganized
I am a video/computer gamer (All genres)

I'm not picky at all, but I would prefer a couple of things

-You do -NOT- fear any arachnids or insects
-You are older
-You like video games
-You are tall